Aren't you tired of forcing yourself to eat chicken, fish, & vegetables hoping that your body will "get it" and shed the fat?

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Anna & Maleen, Founders of the fat brain fix™

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It's not about trying harder...

It's about balancing your hormones &

Rewiring your brain to work in synergy with your body to

Flip the metabolic switch and

Ignite fat loss.

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You are smart, ambitious, and driven.  You're making the executive decisions and killing it in the boardroom.

You should be walking around confidently in your underwear. Rockin' that lean bikini bod on a beach vacation.

But instead, you start to dread the morning walk to the closet because nothing's fitting right these days.  It's as if a switch flipped and everything that used to keep you lean isn't working anymore.  




Forget about the frustrations & failures of the past.

Let us get you the results you deserve.




  • Most women don't have a getting-the-weight-off problem; we have a keeping-the-weight-off problem.


  • We do the self-sabotage tango and then beat ourselves up afterward.


  • But it's not our fault!  Most of what the diet industry pushes on us is not specifically designed for the female biochemistry!

We've pieced it all together and have designed a container with all the tools you need to get the body and the life you want. 

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A physician-nutritionist designed complete transformation that will get the fat off and keep it off for life.

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In 12 weeks, you will:

Lose the belly bloat that's stuck to your midsection.

No longer be battling cravings for junk food.

Be checking yourself out in the mirror, rocking a smaller wardrobe.

Feel in control of your body.

Have the energy to do the things you've always wanted to do.

A doctor-nutritionist developed complete solution for ambitious women who want to regain control over their hormones and metabolism so they can get the body they want.

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Fat Loss Based On Science

We get to the root cause of weight gain so that you get predictable results.

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Metabolic & Hormonal Strategy

Sick of going in circles on the diet merry-go-round? We teach you how to block your fertilizing & craving hormones so that you can ignite your metabolism and get the scale moving again.

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Neuronutrition Realignment

Do you feel like there is a constant battle with your brain and the arm reaching for the Cheetos? We teach you how to retrain your brain to kill the old habits keeping you stuck and master your willpower for good.

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CEO Longevity Method

We as women don't have a weight loss problem, we have a keeping it off problem. We give you the tools to succeed for life.  You will know our exact protocols to optimize your fat loss while you become metabolically flexible.  Be the master of your hormones, metabolism & mind so that you can self-adjust and be empowered for life.

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Testimonial - TMS gave me the right weight correcting tools for the first time in my 54 years of dieting.
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Imagine If...

Something suddenly clicked and your body started working with you instead of against you.

The fat started melting away and you didn't have to struggle to get results.

You never flinched at being buck naked in front of your partner.

You had the confidence to do anything you set your mind to do.

You never had to hide in the background when pictures were being taken.


How Does Online Coaching Work?

Well first you go online and then there is coaching. Hardee har. Okay, here is how it goes down. You click register, you enter your payment info which will then trigger an email to be sent to your inbox (or junk folder so keep an eye there too) that will give you instructions on how to set up your online membership portal login.

Once you do this, you have access to the course content which includes video teachings, pdfs of all the things you need to know and can print to stick to your fridge as well as all other important info.

You will also receive instructions on how to join the private Facebook group where you can connect with other ambitious women that are going through the same transformation journey as you. We are also available in this group during office hours to answer basic questions.

You will receive weekly emails to assess progress and enter any questions you have for the weekly LIVE coaching call with Anna on Zoom.

How Is This Different From Everything Else I've Tried?

We are guessing you have tried all the things we have tried so let us put it to you this way.

You can go see your family doctor who will tell you again to eat less and exercise more (FREE) and refer you to a dietician or similar. Your dietician will recommend the government food guide or the balanced “healthy” plate that got us all sick in the first place.

If you book 12 visits with your dietician to get your questions answered while they read from their textbook, this would run you about $1200- $1500 with no solid step by step method to get from point A to point B.

We give you all that we listed above and more. As a physician and nutritionist that specialize in the power of nutrition combined with brain retraining, we have cracked the code for you and are offering it to you in bite-sized pieces so you can make this a sustainable lifestyle and not just treat it as another short term diet.